Arch supports weaken your feet!!! - There's a better way.

Posted on August 26, 2015 by Origin Athletics


Most people do not need arch supports

NO - If you have functional arches, even if they are low, you don't need arch supports.

NO - If you have high flexible arches, you don't need arch supports. 

Arch supports are helpful under certain conditions

YES - People who have flat feet benefit from arch supports.

YES - People who suffer from Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain) benefit from using arch supports temporarily while the fascia attachment heals.  After the pain is gone, the arch supports should be removed to preserve natural motion of the foot. 


The Forefoot does Most of the Work Balancing and Generating Power

We understand, most people believe they need arch supports because that's what podiatrists worldwide have been prescribing for decades.  This is the health smart way so please, don't start "jacking up" your arches like a car with a flat tire. 

This new technology literally allows you fix the tire on the fly without stopping at the service station. It is as simple as applying better muscular control over your arches and that's exactly what we help you do.  There are no mandatory exercises because we make it happen automatically.  All you will feel is  better, stronger and more balanced.  

Most of the concept of fallen arches lies in the fact that as we age and skip exercise, we loose muscle tone.  When we weaken the arches drop.  The proof can easily be found among children in the age of electronic games.  They are weaker and have lots of problems with their feet and posture. The Myth of Fallen Arches

Everybody over 40 believes they have "fallen arches", but the fact is that most of us were born with arches that sag a little when under weight. 

How far will they fall? Why are they falling? Does everyone who spends a lot of time on his or her feet ultimately end up with flat feet?

If you lean slightly forward and bend your knees,all your toes should be on the ground.  If they are, figure A, you'd be balanced and your arch would be stable—not dropping.  The problem is that for most people, the big toe and first metatarsal are not properly weight bearing.  It is an issue of the bones in the foot - specifically the head of the Talus (ankle bone).  Because of an upward rotation of the head of the Talus, the first metatarsal and the big toe literally have to travel a small distance toward the ground to become weight bearing, and in the process the inside of the foot, the arch, collapses. 
Getting to the root cause

The elevated first metatarsal also causes the ankle to roll in and an internal rotation of the leg.  You were born with the elevated first metatarsal which greatly impacts your gait and posture. 

The muscles controlling your arches were stronger when you were younger and more active. By the same token, children today are less active and weaker, and as a result, they suffer with back aches and other musculoskeletal pain in record numbers.  Most people try to control their arches using the wrong muscles - we call them “bracers”  because they brace their muscles against hyperpronation.  That leads to tired calf muscles and shin splints.  We know with certainty that faulty foot mechanics and poor posture catches up with you as you age.  By the age of 40, most people suffer from some kind of foot and posture related musculoskeletal pain.


Try this little test and you'll understand what we mean:

  1. Stand up. 
  2. Scrunch up your feet as if you were trying to use your feet to pick up a towel from the floor.

If you can raise your arches, you have all the muscle we need to help you strengthen your feet naturally by exercising them a little with every step.  Just making them move the right way will make you feel an instant difference and they strengthen quickly.  


Enter the ProKinetics® Posture Control Insoles

When you pick up a towel from the floor with your feet, you bring your first metatarsal and big toe down to the ground so your foot can be properly supported.  That is exactly what Posture Control Insoles® do - bring your first metatarsal and big toe down to the ground.  Simply put, Posture Control Insoles® put that foot exercise you did "on automatic" with every step - they help your body heal itself.  The insoles allow your body to correct your gait and posture.  Your performance will improve, your muscles will relax and your pain will subside.  It doesn't happen instantaneously, but after 7-10 days you should feel a significant difference. 
That is our guarantee.  In fact, if you are not satisfied with the results, we will refund your entire purchase price including *shipping and handling. 


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