“Rule#1 to getting your first double under, you need your own rope”

The double under is right up there with the muscle up as one of the most demanding skills in the sport and one of the most frustrating skills to learn. When I started Crossfit, the Double Under was my nemesis. Two frustrating years later I still did not have more than two or three in a row. I decided it was time to put my years as a movement educator to task, break this skill down and figure out what was stopping me. This rope will give you all the tools you need to get your double under if you are a beginner. If you already have it, you will walk away with big improvements in efficiency with will translate to big jumps in continuous double unders leaving you with more gas in the tank and a lower heart rate during any WOD that includes them.

 The first thing I learned was rope fit is not only critical mastering the skill but equally important to learning the skill in the first place. I developed a more accurate measuring technique that accounted for height and width for both men and women.


"I used it for my double-under WOD the other day, and for the first time ever I was able to string together double-unders at will. Prior record was 35, I ended up with 144!"

Joshua Levy - Crossfit Flagship, San Francisco


“Traditional skipping ropes are not made for continuous double unders, so I designed and manufacture one that is!”




Evolution Intro to Double Under Rope 1.0 Unisex

This is the rope that started it all! The first, properly balanced, tool free...

Evolution Pro Double Under Rope 2.0 - Womens Rope

Skipping Evolved The Revolution 2.0 Pro Rope is a high performance skipping ...
from $39.95

Evolution Rope Pro 2.0 - Mens Rope - Made in Canada for Crossfit Athletes Worlwide.

Skipping Evolved The Revolution 2.0 Pro Rope is a high performance skipping ...
from $39.95
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